Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Welcome to pinTraxx!

pinTraxx specializes in PIN code driven direct mail Response Tracking IVR systems.  With personal PIN codes you can track and analyze every direct mail response with extreme accuracy. This is the most effective, reliable, and efficient way of tracking your direct mail responses.  You have taken great care in personalizing your direct mail piece, why not take the same time and effort with tracking and monitoring the responses you receive?

Have you lost valuable calls due to lack of organization?  Do your customers get frustrated while you fumble around trying to figure out what direct mail offer they have?   Not any more!  With pinTraxx you can now effectively monitor and control your direct mail Responses.

Integrating your mailing list to the phone system that processes the phone calls gives your company unlimited control of your direct mail responses.  You know who is calling, what offer they have, and how much you spent to generate that call.
With zip code reports showing how much mail you sent to each zip code, and how many people responded, pinTraxx will also help you determine where to send your mail next time, and what offers are working in those areas.
Within minutes of importing your data file, the pinTraxx system appends a toll free number and assigns each recipient of your mail campaign a unique 7-digit pinTraxx code.  When customers call the toll free number and type in their pinTraxx code, your online CRM will INSTANTLY populate with everything you need to know about that caller. No more fumbling around! 
After the caller types in the pinTraxx code, you can choose to ask them a short series of questions or simply have them transferred to whatever destination you prefer.  When the call is completed we post a recording of the transferred call online for your review.
99.9% of people calling the pinTraxx system type in their PIN code, capturing valuable leads for your company.  Do you currently capture such a high percentage of your direct mail responses?  If not, you need pinTraxx today!
You also have the option of setting up email and fax delivery of the caller’s information.  pinTraxx is also viewable with Safari on the iPhone.  NEVER miss another valuable direct mail response again!
Stop wasting your advertising dollars and start taking control of your direct mail responses.

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Direct Mail Briefcase

Need a place to store your Mailing Lists, Mailing Samples, Postal Receipts, and your Direct Mail Responses.  pinTraxx is like a Direct Mail Briefcase allowing you to better analyze current and past Direct Mail efforts. 

Never again forget what you sent to the customer calling from a letter they received 3 months ago.

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DM Briefcase

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System Features

  • Toll Free number
  • Free long distance
  • Online CRM to manage your responses
  • Call recordings of transfered calls
  • Unlimited IVR question options
  • Email lead delivery
  • Fax lead delivery
  • XML lead delivery
  • Upload a proof of the campaign you sent
  • Export your data files at anytime
  • Zip Code reports
  • Google maps tool
  • Excellent Customer Support

Complete Control

From beginning to end pinTraxx gives you Complete Control of your direct mail advertising efforts! 

Stop losing valuable responses you can't afford to miss right now!

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