Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Sample Script

This is just a sample of what you can do with pinTraxx.  You can ask any series of questions you wish, before having the customers call transferred.  The more information you capture on a potential customer the easier it will be to convert into a sale.

To hear a sample pinTraxx call Click Here.


Thank you for calling ABC Widgets.  We are glad you are interested in our two for one widget sale.

Question 1.

To activate the offer we sent you in the mail please type in your 7-digit pinTraxx code at the beep.

Question 2.

Thank you John Doe we have activated your offer for our two for one widget sale, we have a couple more questions to ask before transferring your call.

Question 3.

Please enter your cell phone number at the beep.

Question 4.

Please enter your home phone number at the beep.

Question 5.

I am now transferring your call to one of our friendly associates who can better assist you with your two for one offer.

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